The Intelligence Report – 15th Biannual Edition
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The Intelligence Report – 15th Biannual Edition

The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2013-2019

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The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) is pleased to announce the completion and immediate availability of the 15th edition of its “state-of-the industry” report entitled, The Intelligence ReportBusiness Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2013-2019.Considered the industry “gold standard,” TCGR’s report goes beyond statistics and benchmarks to provide competitive insight and analysis vital to endusers in the refining, petrochemical/chemical, polymer, specialty/fine chemicals and environmental markets. This edition continues this tradition and builds upon it, as TCGR has since the first biannual report was completed back in 1986!

New for 2014!

In order to increase the report’s utility to senior management and executives, TCGR has introduced a companion deliverable which complements the report contents, highlighting the key findings and making them more actionable.  In a set of PowerPoint slides entitled, ”Intelligence Report 2014 – Exec Deck, TCGR has extracted the critical statistical data as well as technical, market and competitive/strategic insights, and delivers a presentation-style document.  TCGR’s team of experts is available to present these to subscriber audiences or they can be used to generate internal documents for strategic/competitive pursuits.  The Exec Deck, and resultant Q&A during the presentation sessions, provide additional subscriber-specific value.

”Special Feature” section

In order to add value/perspective(s) beyond industry statistics and commentary, the 2014 edition includes a Special Feature section (Section VII in the TofC) addressing the increasingly important geographic regions China and Latin America in catalyst technology development and commercial/market presence. As these regions become more self-sufficient, and as they increase their focus outside of their domestic requirements, the implications on global suppliers cannot be overlooked.  The study documents the major catalyst market segments, capabilities for technology development and the outlook for future plans, highlighting the role that these two regions will play in the global marketplace in the 2013-2019 period.  As usual, TCGR provides insights that are valuable enough to constitute, in effect, a report within a report.

The Catalyst Industry’s “Gold Standard:” The Intelligence Report 2014

As The Intelligence Report has done in the past (and the “Exec Deck” slides do in coordination), the deliverables provide new business and technology perspectives, including:

  • Comprehensive, concise and detailed industry statistics on catalyst volumes and values, including forecasts
  • Producer- and user-specific developments in production and technology, including alliances, ventures and acquisitions/divestitures
  • Identification of new growth opportunities across the value chain (raw materials, licensing, services, technology, etc.)
  • Assessment of geographical, technological and competitive gaps
  • Analysis and recommendations leading to specific actionable items

The combined deliverables of a detailed statistical reference document, along with an (optional) “Exec Deck” of critical findings, TCGR’s 2014 edition of The Intelligence Report is invaluable for achieving technical, market, competitive and strategic advantage!

Further information on the study, including a presentation and the report’s actual Table of Contents, can be downloaded below. For additional study details or to subscribe, please contact TCGR’s Mr. John J. Murphy via telephone at +1.215.628.4447 or via email at


The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR), a member of The Catalyst Group, is dedicated to monitoring and analyzing technical and commercial developments in catalysis as they apply to the global refining, petrochemical, fine/specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer/elastomer and environmental industries.