Specialty Zeolites in Catalysis, 2002-2020
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Specialty Zeolites in Catalysis, 2002-2020

International, Commercial and Technical Progress ‒ A NEW ERA!

Zeolite catalysts make up more than 30% of all catalysts consumed in the $20+ BIL/yr product industry. They are utilized in most refining processes, have higher use in petrochemicals (aromatics)/chemicals and are growing rapidly in environmental applications. A substantial portion of the global catalyst industry is directly or indirectly impacted by changes in the competitive and technical landscape in zeolite development and production.

TCGR has completed a unique report, an update of its 2002 study, which looks deeply into developments that have occurred 2002-2012, then provides granular forecasts on likely technical and commercial application development opportunities over the 2013-2020 period. Identifying key catalyst and process opportunities in this segment are of immense value to catalyst suppliers and process developers/licensors as well as refiners, chemical producers and environmental EPC’s alike.

Excluding A, X, Y zeolites, the growth rates of specialty zeolites (ZSM5, MCM’s, SZZ’s and others) and catalysts exceeded +12% p.a. through 2002 and posted similarly high growth rates 2003-2012. Their unique nanotechnology frameworks allow shape selective improvements to both yields and selectivity of chemical reactions through a combination of molecular control between reactants and products. The need for these attributes is expanding and driven by future demands, such as: 1) the convergence between catalysis, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas (GHG) control (see the IEA/ICCA/DECHEMA “roadmap” document at: http://www.iea.org/publications/freepublications/publication/name,40309,en.html); and 2) improved productivity and reduced product costs.

TCGR’s just completed study (February 2014), an update to and expansion of its 2002 report, builds on its existing framework knowledge completed in its Specialty Zeolites in Catalysis: 1992-2001 multi-client study (June 2002) as well as a significant number of related industry studies (see proposal). The 2002 report was authored with the assistance of Dr. Wolfgang Holderich, University of Aachen, ex BASF and Dr. Art Chester, formerly of ExxonMobil (retired), who also obtained oversight from other leaders. For this 2014 update, we continued our usage of the world’s leading technical and commercial experts. As an active participant in the International Zeolite Association (IZA) through its Dialog Group®, TCGR’s expertise is well-recognized by all industry participants.

TCGR’s unique background and historical development roots in zeolites (ex Union Carbide) provides an unparalleled capability and skill level in this study area. Deep expertise in materials science and process engineering means the ability to provide insights beyond other sources, that do not have the industrial experience TCGR and our Dialog Group® consulting network provides.

Further information on the study, including final presentation and actual Table of Contents, can be downloaded below. For additional study details or to subscribe, please contact TCGR’s Mr. John J. Murphy via phone at +1.215.628.4447 or via email at (John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com).


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