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World Energy Outlook 2017

Four large-scale shifts in the global energy system set the scene for the World Energy Outlook 2017: the rapid deployment and falling costs of clean energy technologies, the growing electrification of energy, the shift to a more services-oriented economy and a cleaner energy mix in China, and

More U.S. Distillate is Being Exported

U.S. distillate exports have continued to increase in 2017, both in volume and as a share of total distillate production. Domestic distillate demand has remained relatively stable, increasing slightly from January through July 2017. Distillate exports from the U.S. reached a record high in Ju

Saudi Aramco Sees Progress on Chemical Project Plan with SABIC by Year-End

Saudi Aramco expects to decide by the end of 2017 on plans for a joint oil-to-chemicals project with Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC), according to Saudi Aramco Chief Executive Officer Amin Nasser. The project, known as COTC, is a key to plans for a chemicals complex costing $20 billion or

Major Boost for On-Purpose Propylene

A new catalytic process from Dow Chemical will increase the efficiency of transforming shale gas-derived propane to propylene, satisfying a much-needed market. The Dow-developed fluidized catalytic dehydrogenation (FCDh) technology selectively produces propylene from shale gas feedstocks. The

Unwanted Diesel Production Vexes Europe’s Oil Refiners

Oil refiners had pinned their hopes on European diesel as the Continent’s fleet of personal diesel-powered vehicles grew to 45% by 2015, compared with 2% in the U.S., according to the International Energy Agency. Total had poured more than $2.4 billion into diesel-friendly upgrades at i

EIA Projects 28% Increase in World Energy Use by 2040

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s latest International Energy Outlook 2017 (IEO2017) projects that world energy consumption will grow by 28% between 2015 and 2040. Most of this growth is expected to come from countries that are not in the Organization for Economic Cooperation

DowDuPont Alters Split Plans, Shifts $8 Billion in Revenue to Specialty Products

DowDuPont will shift businesses with $8 billion in annual revenue from its planned material science spinoff to the specialty products spinoff as part of a previously announced portfolio review. Businesses moved to specialty products include: Dow automotive systems’ adhesives and fluids

Vertimass Receives Go from US Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technology Office (BETO) After Completing Intermediate Technology Validation

Vertimass LLC announced completion of intermediate technology validation from the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Bioenergy Technology Office (BETO), which verified performance against negotiated milestones, provided progress on scale-up, and reviewed Vertimass’ estimated cost f

BIO 2017: Getting Down to Business at World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology

Developers of bio-based chemicals are adapting to market challenges on both the commercial execution and financing fronts, by focusing on higher-performing products, partnerships, and new business models, according to attendees of this year’s World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology,

Ethylene Exports from the U.S. Planned

Thanks to cheap natural gas from shale, the U.S. has become a large exporter of ethane as a feedstock for overseas ethylene makers. As U.S. chemical projects start to come on-stream later this year, the country will grow as an exporter of ethylene derivatives such as polyethylene (PE). Now, U