The Energy Transition is
Creating Opportunities

The demand for energy is not temporary! It is forecast by IEA to grow 60-75% from today by 2050, supported by (1) global population growth, (2) an increasing middle class demanding electricity consuming products and services, and (3) the NET ZERO 2050 goals globally as we transition away from fossil fuels into more renewable energy, solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric alternatives. These are creating more focused changes in investment opportunities for venture, PE, VC, CVC and also structural changes within the energy producing markets themselves. Mega deals in the recent news highlight this trend, for example, ExxonMobil’s bid for Pioneer and others, in mining Newmont’s bid for Newcrest and others.

The outlook consensus for the 2nd half 2023 is becoming stronger, despite the concerns about inflation, rate hikes and the Ukraine War. China’s growth is increasingly seen as a positive engine, and IMF has become more bullish on the global economy.

Opportunities in M&A seem currently focused on cautious sale, breakups or renegotiating existing pipeline transactions with sweeter conditions, P/E ratios or post-acquisition incentive clauses and given the past 6-9 months this should not be seen as unusual. This means closer scrutiny and better due diligence understanding of post-2023 growth potentials. The Catalyst Group is both a thought leader and deeply involved in practical consulting solutions for its clients in energy, refining, chemicals and plastics who are all seeking feedstock and new renewable product solutions. Use TCG acumen and expertise to help navigate these complex industries.

We at The Catalyst Group look forward to assisting our existing and new clients in 2023. Our strengths in industrial manufacturing and industry end market acumen in energy, chemicals, plastics, specialty chemicals, intermediates/fine chemicals, as well as new technology growth involving the energy transition, make us well placed to assist you in seeking out consolidation and growth opportunities. We have a solid track record with over 40 years in the M&A space. In 2021, we undertook $4+BIL and in 2022 $1BIL+ in transactions. We operate globally and will provide relevant references upon discussions.

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