A global boutique consultancy, we serve our clients in two ways: via client directed projects (TCG Consulting) and via various programs and studies (TCG Resources).

Our Team

John J. Murphy – CEO

John Murphy is responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the client confidential work of TCGC and the information services component of TCGR. For TCGC, Murphy leads the company’s efforts to provide detailed and focused consulting to its clients via proprietary project work. For TCGR, Murphy oversees the development, management, and contributions to member-directed programs, subscription/multi-client products, and technical/commercial workshops.

Having been with TCGC/TCGR since 1994, Mr. Murphy has expertise in the areas of industrial process technologies for decarbonization, sustainability and circularity as directed towards CO2/GHG mitigation and energy efficiency improvement as well as alternative energy technologies including hydrogen, biomass and other renewables. He has catalyst/process expertise in the areas of refining, petrochemicals, polymerization and environmental applications, particularly in metallocene and single-site catalyst (SSC) chemistries, activator systems, and high-throughput approaches to catalyst discovery. Mr. Murphy has consulted to most of the world’s major energy, chemical, catalyst, and process licensing companies, has numerous publications and presentations, and is frequently cited in the trade press. He received his B.A. degree from Bowdoin College and his M.B.A., with a concentration in Marketing (and coursework in Innovation and Technology Management), from Lehigh University.

Christopher Dziedziak – Senior Sales & Project Manager

Christopher Dziedziak is responsible for managing TCGR’s Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) and the Industrial Energy Transition and Decarbonization (IETD) Consortium (formerly the CO2 Capture and Conversion (CO2CC) Program) In addition, he oversees the development of TCGR multi-client studies on industrial topics while supervising all aspects of market research for multi-client and client-confidential reports. Mr. Dziedziak is a graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. At Rutgers, he completed an undergraduate thesis on novel catalysts for electrochemical ammonia synthesis under the supervision of Professor G. Charles Dismukes within the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. He spent a summer interning with BASF’s Refining Catalyst Group in Iselin, NJ. After finishing his degree, Mr. Dziedziak worked as a Process Engineer for Hisense Photonics, overseeing a metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) reactor for the production of fiber optic lasers.

Hunter Puza Senior Project Associate

Hunter Puza is responsible for providing market research and analytical/assessment content for proprietary project work. He also contributes to the development of TCGR’s Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) and the Industrial Energy Transition and Decarbonization (IETD) Consortium (formerly the CO2 Capture and Conversion (CO2CC) Program), as well as TCGR multi-client studies. Hunter graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. Upon graduation, he worked as a Project Engineer for Henkel, overseeing the scale-up process of new products. Hunter also spent time as a Process Engineer at Johnson Matthey where he worked in the production area and focused on process design and improvement for their continuous catalytic converter production.  

Steve Deutsch – Consultant

As Consultant, Steve Deutsch is responsible for sales and project management for TCGC as well as supporting new business development initiatives. In addition, he provides assistance to TCGR by marketing and selling membership programs, multi-client studies and publications as well as develop, sell and manage selected new program/study ideas. Mr. Deutsch has 22 years’ experience in R&D, sales, marketing, and manufacturing of specialty chemicals. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

Clyde F. Payn – Founder, Director/Consultant

Mr. Payn, who serves as a TCGC/TCGR director providing operational and strategic guidance from an advisory role, has over 40 years of technical, marketing and managerial experience concerning catalytic technologies and the catalyst industry. He formed Catalyst Consultants, Inc. (CCI) in 1984, the forerunner and largest member of The Catalyst Group, to provide comprehensive business strategy and technology based consulting services to the industry. Mr. Payn received an NZCS in Chemistry from the Auckland Technical Institute, New Zealand, and holds an M.B.A. from Vanderbilt University.

Kevin O’Brien – Managing Editor

“Couldn’t have a bad day if I tried.”

Kevin has spent 15-plus years as an editor and writer for a number of newspapers and monthly periodicals. Prior to joining The Catalyst Group, Kevin prided himself on celebrity interviews encompassing luminaries of music, television, and sports. As Managing Editor of The Catalyst Review, he is responsible for every aspect the publication, and prides himself on maximizing its benefit and relevance to its subscribers.

In his spare time, Kevin is active in the YMCA and is a volunteer softball coach.  But enough about him; tell Kevin what’s doing in your organization regarding renewables, CO2 conversion and green energy at kobrien@catalystgrp.com.  


The DIALOG GROUP® is a global professional organization of 150+ renowned experts in catalyst business and technology. Our DIALOG GROUP® Program members are handpicked based on both industry and commercial knowledge, thus ensure that each report or project specifically includes key insights and expertise from the most knowledgeable sources. These unparalleled experts include Nobel Prize winners, as well as executive suite experience including many former CEOs, CTOs, and vice presidents from several Fortune 500 organizations. Read more.


The Catalyst Group (TCG) and The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) Board of Advisors was established to deepen and expand the company’s international exposure to existing and new customers through the deployment of leading industry executives. Carlos A. Cabrera and Suleyman Ozmen, both leading, senior-management-level executives are well known subject matter experts in the fields of catalysis and thus are in an excellent position to leverage strategic, commercial development and entrepreneurial opportunities. Their combined track record includes decades of experience from within leading corporations engaging around the world. More specifically:

Carlos A. Cabrera is an independent consultant based in the greater Chicago Area. His fields of expertise include Energy, Fuels, Chemicals, Leadership, Strategy and General Management. He is a recognized world expert in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries. Mr. Cabrera has served on several US and foreign based Corporate Boards for both private and public companies. Read more.

Suleyman Ozmen has extended global downstream business experience with leading organizations (IFP, UOP, Amoco Chemicals, BP and Shell Global Solutions) in refining and petrochemical technology commercialization, licensing, intellectual property management, business and joint venture development, and service business. His specific strengths are in leading technology commercialization, concluding major licensing deals, running global sales for license, catalyst and services, and implementing business strategies. Read more.