Petroleum Technology Quarterly (PTQ)
Spotlights TCGR in Their Q3 2023 Edition!

Olefins Production Pathways with Reduced CO2 Emissions,byTCGR thought leaders Chris Dziedziak and John Murphy, published in the latest edition of PTQ, is a must-have insider’s view of the rapidly evolving and transforming energy and chemicals industries.

In imparting this expertise, TCGR is poised to ensure that every reader – from the energy/chemicals giant to the most budget-conscious start-up – is in stride with the multi-trillion dollar Energy Transition

Subjects of the PTQ article include the following: The shifts toward biomass and recycled waste feedstocks to the cracker and FCC units (currently trending toward the higher production of bioethylene and biopropylene for bio-PE and bio-PP); recent progress toward process electrification, highlighted by The Cracker of the Future Consortium; as well as GHG reduction, decarbonization and improved energy efficiency.

The article “for the industry, by the industry” is a must; the parent study is critical and essential. New regulations roll in daily, and no energy or chemical company is unaffected. Propelled by our Catalytic Advances Program and Industrial Energy Transition and Decarbonization (IETD) Consortium(formerly the CO2 Capture & Conversion [CO2CC] Program), TCGR has boots on the ground in every critical industry sector worldwide.

Talk shop with our thought leaders about how our landmark study, “Unconventional Catalytic Olefins Production II: Technological Evaluation and Commercial Assessment – 2021” can help ensure you are on the right side of the Energy Transition and industry decarbonization. Let us help you to meet the most critical needs of your company to survive and flourish in the coming decades.

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