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Downstream (Chemicals and Polymers)

TCGR/TCG has been deeply involved with chemicals and plastics for almost 4 decades. We understand each process value chain from feedstock->pretreatment-> catalytic production->separation and purification to end product. Moreover, we have DIALOG GROUP® experts who have run these plants in Fortune 500 companies and been called upon to fix field challenges and offer operational experience others cannot match.

In the years to come, TCG/TCGR sees robust growth forecasts for chemicals and polymers with two major trends of importance: (1) the rapid growth of p-xylene/PTA in China, as they bring on new aromatics capacity, becoming self-sufficient in p-xylene; and (2) the massive wall of North American ethane crackers that have or are planned to come on stream between 2020-2022. Most of this is targeted towards polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, and HDPE), with some ethylene derivatives. There are also important and growing interests in natural gas to chemicals, bolstered by significant supply and lower prices in the longer term. This has rekindled R&D in C1 chemistry, particularly towards direct conversion to olefins and methanol. Circularity in plastics, including recycling, is also of increasing importance.

The Downstream (Chemicals & Polymers) markets are diverse and fragmented, but TCG/TCGR has always and will continue to provide timely and insightful dialogue to help clients remain competitive in the changing landscape. For more information and to see the breadth of offerings on these topics, see our reports below: