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Energy Transition/Decarbonization/GHG Mitigation

Energy Transition/Decarbonization/GHG Mitigation

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These topics go hand in hand and are ultimately driven by increasing recognition of climate change and a call for action to transform the overall energy industry in order to prevent future economic and environmental damage. Over the coming decades, the Energy Transition will shift the hydrocarbon processing industry away from heavy hydrocarbons like coal and oil towards lighter feedstocks like natural gas, or even hydrocarbon-free feedstocks, to produce energy, electricity and products. Industry will be under pressure for Decarbonization efforts that reduce carbon feedstock usage and mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions like CO2, methane, etc., from returning to the atmosphere.

There will be numerous approaches and pathways during this transition period. The goals will typically first be set by governments and regulatory changes and then through internal and sometimes transparent corporate objectives and sustainability mandates. The challenge will be deciding how and when to enter new markets and transition away from old ones. Different regions and the companies that operate in them will approach all of this at different speeds.

TCG/TCGR has been documenting technology that will play major roles in the Energy Transition and Decarbonization/GHG Mitigation efforts for years. We will continue to expand our thought leadership in this megatrend over time, but our below reports represent our coverage up to this time: