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GTL/XTL: An Assessment

Multi-Client Study from The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR)

GTL/XTL: An Assessment of the Technologies, Business and Competitive Landscape, 2010 to 2020

Key Information! Powerful Insights! Ideas Transformed to $$$$

Gas-to-liquids (GTL), along with other feedstocks-to-liquids (XTL), are here to stay! Understanding the whole picture is important to investors, engineering companies, technology licensors, and catalyst producers. This report is particularly timely because it coincides with Shell’s September, 2012 disclosure on their view(s) on the Pearl GTL plant’s economics and its financial justification compared to other GTL projects. It confirms important details, and offers powerful insights that will shape the growth and strategy for similar large scale investments in the years to come!

Benchmarking China’s FeFT progress is a new and important strategic development uniquely covered in this report, as well. PRC’s focus on coal to fuels, chemicals, and SNG will have global consequences that will affect other regions, and growth markets. These two issues alone show how much has changed in the last 8-10 years, since TCGR’s ground-breaking 2004 report.

Renewed commercial interest has also developed due to excess unconventional gas being produced in the U.S. from shale and the anticipated expansion of this technology worldwide. New microreactor Fischer-Tropsch (FT) technologies are in pilot and expected to commercialize in the next five (5) years, targeting a completely new small scale FT growth market segment. New catalysts and processes for FT, along with improved downstream processing, in addition to crude oil forecasts approaching $100/barrel mean the margins will remain attractive into the foreseeable future!

This hands-on study even tackles the key executive question “How does GTL compare to refining economics and LNG, as options?” It is a must have! No report is available which reaches the depth and breadth to satisfy practitioners and new participants alike.

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Additional information on the study, including a full presentation containing the study’s actual Table of Contents, can be downloaded via the link below.


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