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Hydroprocessing Catalysts and Processes: Recent Advances in Technology and Impacts on the Competitive Landscape


New Select-Client Study

Catalyst & Process Technology Advances to Disrupt Competitive Landscape in Hydroprocessing

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“Hydroprocessing Catalysts and Processes: Recent Advances in
Technology and Impacts on the Competitive Landscape”

The drive toward zero sulfur in transportation fuels is dictated by regulations, which are increasingly becoming more stringent. The recent implementation of low-sulfur marine fuels created a new wave of hydrodesulfurization (HDS) demand and increasing global implementation of Euro IV to Euro VI style regulations will continue this trend.  New catalysts, new process technologies, and even non-catalytic process technologies are being introduced to help refiners meet the need for low sulfur fuels. The market is becoming ever more complicated, with various segments and regional trends. Understanding the segments and the relative strengths of the various solutions can separate market winners from market losers.

Hydroprocessing is the largest refining catalyst segment, and should continue to be the fastest growing segment, with almost as much capacity planned for hydrodesulfurization additions globally as all other catalytic conversion applications combined.

Source: Adapted from OPEC World Oil Outlook 2019

In the face of flat or even declining demand for fuels over the next few years, hydroprocessing catalysts may be one of the few bright spots for the catalyst industry, but the market is fragmented and there are many smaller players trying to gain market share. The strategic implications of this, along with the trends toward vehicle electrification on lubricants demand and the overarching oil-to-chemicals trend offers opportunities and risks to process licensors, catalyst developers, and operators.  Through this study, The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) will provide a clearer picture of the market with the strategic implications imposed by the developing macro-economic situation.

This Select-Client study, Hydroprocessing Catalysts and Processes: Recent Advances in Technology and Impacts on the Competitive Landscape, will provide subscribers with:

  • Market size and growth among the various hydroprocessing segments
  • Market share analysis of the leading catalyst providers
  • Technical analysis of the latest catalyst and process technology developments
  • Regional analyses of the markets and competitive landscape

With nearly 40 years covering the catalyst and process technology industries, and with its extensive Dialog Group® network of experts, TCGR is uniquely capable of providing an insightful and comprehensive assessment to address technical, market, and strategic stakeholders.

This proposed Select-Client Study, for the industry, by the industry, is scheduled for completion 10-12 weeks from launch.

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Additional information, including the complete study proposal, the preliminary Table of Contents and the Order Form,
is available via the link below or by contacting Steve Deutsch at +1.215.628.4447 or sdeutsch@catalystgrp.com

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As it does in each of its industrially-focused select-client studies, TCGR will seek input from “charter” subscribers (i.e., those who sign up prior to
study launch) to help shape the report’s final scope/TofC by delineating areas of importance), as depicted in the preliminary Table of Contents.

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