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Membranes: Commercial and Technical Advances in Industrial Applications – Update 2023


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Membranes: Commercial and Technical Advances in Industrial Applications – Update 2023

TCGR is Updating its Ground-Breaking Assessment of Membranes and their Role in Sustainability, Decarbonization and Industrial Applications…

The search for competitive advantage in the application of membranes continues unabated. Advances in design and manufacturing techniques combined with the energy-saving potential of membranes has progressed to the point that membrane-based separations are an established reality in selected applications and becoming increasingly viable in other applications. Indeed, membranes have begun to replace adsorbents and thermal separations processes, with some membranes even creating new revenue streams (e.g., the recovery of olefins from purge streams that have traditionally been unprofitable using thermal separation).

The Catalyst Group Resources’ (TCGR’s) new report on membrane markets and technologies has been expanded to include additional applications relevant to decarbonization and the energy transition.  While broadened in scope, this update will remain focused on industrial processes and waste streams, anticipating market trends and societal forces impacting the industry over the coming five to ten years. Building on earlier reports, this edition will focus attention on areas of particular importance or rapid change such as the hydrogen economy, industry decarbonization, carbon circularity, product sustainability and climate change, while continuing to highlight technical advances which are certain to change the competitive landscape.

The need for TCGR’s study

There is now more than ever emphasis on decarbonization and the cost of energy.  While short-term disruptions to the oil and gas markets caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have abated, developing markets like carbon capture and green hydrogen production never slowed down, and new applications in green energy are increasingly being developed. Membranes: Commercial and Technical Advances in Industrial Applications – Update 2023 will bring together an assessment of technologies, suppliers, and markets like no other, with the goal of shedding light on the future of materials and markets for membranes in industrial applications.

A survey of recent developments shows that new technologies have wide impact:

  • Membranes enabling zero-liquid discharge and reduced energy consumption impact corporate sustainability goals and decarbonization.
  • As demand for hydrogen grows due to increased needs for refining as well as a clean energy source, membranes and hybrid approaches improve the economics of H2 production, enabling the energy transition.
  • Organic solvent nanofiltration and membrane bioreactors are becoming economically viable for large-scale biochemical production, helping to advance carbon circularity.
  • Many different membrane technologies are being tested for carbon capture and sequestration applications.
  • Membranes are finding new uses in lithium production and are key to the development of new technologies in fuel cells, batteries and electrolyzers.

This TCGR study will address the development, implementation and implications of membranes in separations with an emphasis on the resulting improvements that affect carbon intensity (CI), costs, purity and functionality of the products. These include energy efficiency gains, waste/by-product minimization, and product performance improvement. The study will document the incumbent technologies and the market sizes/growth rates for their applications. It will provide an assessment of the technology and product suppliers, highlighting strengths/weaknesses relative to other offerings. Like all TCGR forward-looking offerings, it will indicate opportunities for advancement and noting the challenges which remain. The competitive and strategic implications of the advances in membranes, including the timing of their commercial implementation and impacts on the developers/partners, will be assessed.

TCGR’s assessment is a “must have,” industrially sourced analysis for addressing the current industry needs. This newly launched study, “for the industry, by the industry,” is scheduled to be completed in November.


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