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The Middle East Catalyst Market: Technologies, Applications and Opportunities

New Multi-Client Study

THE MIDDLE EAST CATALYST MARKET: Technologies, Applications and Opportunities

The Middle East region continues to undergo rapid transformation and modernization, especially related to its petroleum- and gas-based natural resources. Over the past several decades, there has been a continual shift away from export alone, to include highly technologically complex conversion of these raw materials into increasingly value-added products such as petrochemical intermediates, polyolefins, methanol, and other end-use products. There is also a strong emphasis on technology development and innovation, with a drive towards self-sufficiency in areas surrounding raw materials upgrading. Catalysis and catalytic processes are playing an instrumental role in this progress.

The Catalyst Group Resources’ (TCGR’s) recently completed study is the first time the region has been featured in a stand-alone multi-client study, exploring refining and petrochemicals (including polymers) and environmental catalyst markets, technologies and participants. This report describes applications and opportunities for players within the Middle East as well as multinationals pursuing growth and a better understanding of this complex and dynamic region.

Entitled “THE MIDDLE EAST CATALYST MARKET: Technologies, Applications and Opportunities,” the study examines the following countries in or adjacent to the region:

  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Israel
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates

For global catalyst manufacturers and end-user industries, TCGR has raised and answered the following critical questions, among others:

  • How much of the region’s growth will be satisfied by local suppliers?
  • Will catalyst sales be displaced by other Western catalyst manufacturers?
  • What new demands and opportunities should be anticipated?

Particularly important (and unique) to the study are two areas of coverage:

  • Company “Cameos:” producer/supplier profiles of 6-8 local catalyst suppliers and multinationals’ local joint ventures, local research organizations (such as KAUST) and key catalyst production facilities (such as SOCC Jubail); and
  • “Special Feature”: a section dedicated to Iran which provides an overview of current industries and players, as well as the opportunities for, and risks facing, the incumbent catalyst suppliers as Iran emerges from Western sanctions – considering in particular motivations of the main players and the potential future strategies employed (i.e. adopting Western, Russian or Chinese technologies).

The identity of the “cameo” companies was determined by “charter” subscribers (i.e., those that signed up for the study prior to its launch), who also helped define the scope of the overall report by delineating areas of particular interest for inclusion in the assessment. See the complete study presentation for details on the study scope, including the report’s actual Table of Contents.

TCGR’s unique background and established global Dialog Group® ensures expert capability and skill level in this study area. TCGR has utilized deeply experienced catalyst experts from this region, to assist us to provide insights beyond what other sources that do not have the reach & industrial experience can provide.

Additional information, including the complete study presentation, the actual Table of Contents and the Order Form, can be downloaded below. For additional study details or to subscribe, please contact John J. Murphy at +1.215.628.4447 or John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com.


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