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The Separations Report: Commercial, Technical and R&D Assessment in Refining, Petrochemical/Syngas, Natural Gas and Industrial Gases

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New Multi-Client from TCGR!

“The Separations Report: Commercial, Technical and R&D Assessment in Refining,
Petrochemicals/Syngas, Natural Gas and Industrial Gases”

This TCGR multi-client study was completed in October 2017 and its specific contents (as reflected in the report’s actual TofC on pages 9–22 of the presentation), reflect the inputs from a group of “charter” subscribers who indicated their priorities for coverage, areas to receive expanded/deepened coverage and focal points for emphasis in opportunity identification. These are leading industrial developers, suppliers and end users in separations technologies, including membranes, adsorbents, distillation and other approaches.

TCGR’s assessment of the technical progress in separations processes over the past 5-10 years documents the importance of energy/cost savings and product improvements. A key objective of the report is to bring together the divergent technical/R&D approaches in separations (by type) into a more rational commercial understanding and to develop comparative systems, so that making choices between them is easier in the future.

Selected study highlights include the following technical and commercial advances:

  • The growth in greenfield separation plants will occur in Asia/Pacific, China, India and the Middle East. These new plants have the advantage to incorporate the latest and “best” process technologies. In contrast, N. America, Europe and OECD, represent huge retrofit markets in which there is a solid drive to improve the competitiveness and energy efficiency of aging plants.
  • Consolidation in the fragmented separations segments is ongoing. Witness the Praxair-Linde merger in industrial gases, the sale of Calgon Carbon to Kuraray (Japan) and the clear growth strategy being deployed by GE Water (now SUEZ) across this segment.
  • The membrane market segment has some rapidly growing nascent applications including biogas, olefins/paraffins, aromatics, lube oil and solvent/water chemicals separations.
  • The size of world-scale plants keeps on increasing. The separations requirements at these large installations represent special opportunities to more sophisticated licensors and/or separations media suppliers.
  • The rapidly expanding production and use of natural gas and shale gas in the Middle East and China, as the energy of choice to reduce GHGs (as compared to petroleum or coal) will have importance over the next five years.
  • TCGR has calculated the overall annual global market size for membranes and adsorbents in industrial applications to be $1.2B in 2017. The projected annual growth rate through 2025 will exceed 5%.

Included among the most noteworthy applications for the different separations techniques documented and assessed in detail are:

  • Adsorbents: Selective H2S removal from natural gas; Hybrid metal organic framework (MOF) adsorbents; Adsorbents for post-combustion CO2 capture; and Adsorbents for pre-combustion CO2 capture
  • Membranes: Improved oxygen enrichment from air; Olefins/paraffins separations; Hybrid aromatics/p-xylene; and Water/organic solvent separations in refineries and chemical plants

Following in the footsteps of The Intelligence Report, TCGR’s biennial catalyst industry study that’s been in production for 32 years, this is TCGR’s new biennial report series addressing industrial separations.  TCGR is creating the definitive resource for information about the market size and growth for separation within industrial processes. Key focus is paid to which incumbent technologies are at risk of replacement due to cost, integration, etc. and the advances in technology that are driving the change/growth.

Topics included are:

  • Market size/growth – by application, by separation type
  • Application advances – by industry, by separation approach
  • Technical advances – by type, in adsorbents, membranes, reactive separations
    and distillation
  • Strategic analysis, competitive implications and opportunity identification

This recently completed study represents a new “gold standard” for the separations industry. The Separations Report goes beyond statistics to provide competitive insight and analysis vital to stakeholders in the refining, petrochemicals/syngas, natural gas and industrial gases markets while also providing strategic guidance for innovation, growth and investment opportunities across the entire value chain.

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 Notice to Subscribers of TCGR’s Past Multi-Client Studies in These Areas:

Due to the complementary nature of this study to TCGR’s reports entitled Membranes in Separations: Commercial Advances in Refinery, Petrochemical/Chemical and Industrial Gases Applications (November 2016) and The Industrial Adsorbents Business: Commercial Strategy, Technical and R&D Assessment in Refining, Chemicals/Syngas, Natural Gas and Industrial Gases (July 2013), TCGR is offering a discounted price for The Separations Report to subscribers of either/both of those studies. Subscribers are requested to contact Ted Heron at +1.215.628.4447, or theron@catalystgrp.com for further details.  When completing the order form, please make sure to indicate your company’s subscription to either/both of the earlier reports.

Additional information, including the complete study presentation, the actual Table of Contents and the Order Form, can be downloaded via the link below. For additional study details or to subscribe, please contact Ted Heron at +1.215.628.4447 or theron@catalystgrp.com.

PRES-The Separations Report(October2017)

As it does in each of its industrially-focused multi-client studies, TCGR sought input from “charter” subscribers to help shape the report’s final scope/TofC by delineating areas of particular interest, including the applications by industry and separations method.

The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR), a member of The Catalyst Group, is dedicated to monitoring and analyzing technical and commercial developments in catalysis as they apply to the global refining, petrochemical, fine/specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer/elastomer and environmental industries.