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The Intelligence Report 2023-2029

The 20th Biennial Edition

The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2023-2029

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TCGR has completed the 20th edition of our biennial update, “The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2023-2029.”

This newest edition builds on decades of solid foundations in evaluating and quantifying the catalyst industry, with in-depth analysis and actionable insights to help subscribers make informed, data-backed decisions that drive business success. Completed October 2023, this is our most transformative edition ever, featuring explicit coverage of new emerging markets, improved graphics with deeper insights, and an overall condensed deliverable geared towards executives and busy professionals. Whether you are a manufacturer, supplier, investor, or researcher, TCGR’s study can provide the information and analysis needed to succeed in the catalyst industry.

Study Highlights

  • Our estimate of today’s catalyst industry is nearly $39 billion, growing to almost $48 billion by 2029, a CAGR of 3.5%.
  • With energy demand increasing, decarbonization needs are driving energy diversification (less coal, more NG, more electricity).
  • Slower EV penetration than once projected is extending “peak oil demand” into 2030s, providing >2% CAGR for refining catalysts in the 2020s.
  • In petrochemical catalysts, greater than GDP growth is anticipated, particularly in supply chains for polyolefins, PET, fine and specialty chemicals, and low-carbon alternatives like syngas and methanol.
  • The polymerization catalyst market is growing 4.5% per year, mainly driven by PE/PP.
  • New regulations in the environmental catalyst market are still driving growth at 3.7% per year.


Special Feature – Critical Materials for Catalysts in the Energy Transition

This edition’s Special Feature examines critical materials for catalysis and their essential role in the energy transition and circular economy. The transition to a more sustainable energy and chemical system requires the use of a range of critical materials, including rare earth and precious metal elements, lithium, cobalt, and copper, among others. However, their availability is limited, and their extraction, processing, and disposal can have significant environmental and social impacts.

Catalysis is set to play a key role in producing chemicals which act as energy carriers, including hydrogen, methanol, ammonia, liquid hydrocarbons, and fuel ethers. Subscribers are using the Special Feature to:

  • Understand how catalysis delivers on energy transition and emissions reduction goals
  • Examine emerging markets including water and wastewater treatment
  • Quantify the demand for new products and technologies
  • Assess which metals and materials are of the highest criticality concerns
  • Develop strategies and technologies which reduce metal usage and extend their lifetime

Why should your organization subscribe?

  • Explicit coverage of emerging markets like electrolysis, biomass to fuels, chemicals and polymers,
    and recycled plastics
  • Incorporation and improvements to our proprietary catalyst industry model, with electronically
    delivered data, supplemented by improved graphics that go deeper into market analyses
  • Updates on production and technology advancements specific to producers and users, including
    partnerships, ventures, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • TCGR’s visionary stance continues to accurately project the market for catalysts and catalytic process technology

Those looking to stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the dynamic and rapidly
evolving catalyst industry can benefit from the Intelligence Report’s valuable insights and recommendations.

Further information on this study (completed in October 2023), including the complete study presentation, the Table of Contents
and the Order Form is available via the link below or by contacting Chris Dziedziak at +1.215.628.4447 or cdziedziak@catalystgrp.com

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