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The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Process Industries, 2019-2025


* 18th Biennial Edition*

The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2019-2025

…Leading-edge Analyses and Guidance for Opportunity Identification and Strategic Investment…

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The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) is pleased to announce that the 18th biennial edition of The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2019-2025 is underway. TCGR’s report will provide competitive insight and analysis vital to catalyst manufacturers, process licensors, and end-users across the value chain: refining, petrochemical/chemicals, polymers, specialty/fine chemicals and environmental markets. The 18th edition will be particularly shaped by the following:

The future of competitiveness in the catalytic process industries in 2020 (and beyond) will depend on difficult, yet critical, decisions related to technology position and market participation. The industry has been on a macroeconomic upswing for almost a decade, yielding gains from strategic restructurings made back in 2008-09. There remain opportunities for above-average growth, but focused and dedicated approaches will be required for success. The following will be key drivers as we enter the 2020-2025 forecast period:

  • The timing and nature of a general, macro-economic slowdown, expected during the 2020-25 forecast period, will determine the impacts on specific industries/end uses
  • Some rationalization/consolidation will be justified in catalyst production/supply and process licensing. Key factors – like degree of integration, market share, and production costs – will determine targets/acquirers
  • The movement towards “oil-to-chemicals” (O-t-C) will increase and intensify, with competitive implications for both leaders and laggards as well as those producing fuels vs. those into aromatics/olefins
  • The utilization of abundant natural gas (NG) and natural gas liquids (NGLs) as fuels and feedstocks will expand the advantage over less competitive sources of energy and olefins/aromatics (e.g., coal, naphtha, etc.)
  • The role to be played by Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) in industry operations and planning will increase, with capabilities spreading from external (3rd party) suppliers to internal resources
  • Climate change impacts, including circularity and sustainability, will increasingly affect catalyst industry applications and industry participants (see “Special Feature” section nearby)

The way that catalyst suppliers and process technology licensors address these changes, and which ones strategically position themselves for the future, are critical considerations for the 2020 edition of The Intelligence Report.  These are challenging, and exciting, times for all industry participants – visionary thinking is required. TCGR will inject some interesting dynamics for 2020 and beyond via this biennial edition!

As The Intelligence Report has done in the past (and the “Exec Deck” slides do in coordination), the deliverables provide new business and technology perspectives, including:

  • Comprehensive, concise and detailed industry statistics on catalyst volumes and values, including forecasts Producer- and user-specific developments in production and technology, including alliances, ventures and acquisitions/divestitures
  • Identification of new growth opportunities across the value chain (raw materials, licensing, services, technology, etc.)
  • Assessment of geographical, technological and competitive gaps
  • Analysis and recommendations leading to specific actionable items

In order to add value/perspective(s) beyond industry statistics and commentary, the 2020 edition will include a Special Feature section (Section VII) addressing the impacts of  climate change on the catalytic process industries. These go beyond the catalysts themselves to include the breadth of products that they make, and the industry participants affected. What is the fate of liquid transportations fuels and the routes being used to make them, from established routes (via petroleum refining for gasoline/diesel/jet) to developing pathways which are non-CO2 generating (e.g., electro/photo-catalytic H2, other “energy carrier” chemicals, etc.)? Metrics including life-cycle analyses (LCAs) and technology readiness levels (TRLs) will be utilized to assess future prospects and provide strategic/competitive guidance.  As usual, TCGR will provide insights “for the industry by the industry” that are valuable enough to constitute, in effect, a report within a report.

Back by popular demand, TCGR is including an optional “Exec Deck” of PPT slides as a companion deliverable to complement the report contents and highlight the key findings.

Full of business development opportunities and profit generating recommendations as newly important directions and pursuits, TCGR’s 18th biennial edition of The Intelligence Report will serve clients within, but also beyond, the traditional refining, petrochemical/chemicals, plastics, specialty chemicals, and environmental segments, to include alternative energy/feedstocks across applications – from fuels to energy storage and CO2/GHG mitigation. Participants will recognize TCGR’s biennial edition as a unique source of vision and clarity beyond the macro-views that limit other sources.

Based on TCGR’s unparalleled industry knowledge spanning more than 35 years, we are uniquely qualified to document these advancements and assess their impacts on behalf of our clients – subscribe today!

For further information, including the complete study proposal, the preliminary Table of Contents and the Order Form, please click the link to the PDF below or contact John J. Murphy at +1.215.628.4447 or John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com.

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