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Permanent Sequestration of CO2 in Industrial Wastes/Byproducts

A techno-economic investigation commissioned by the members of the Carbon Dioxide Capture & Conversion (CO2CC) Program

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Because of the Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion (CO2CC) Program focus on CO2/GHG emission reductions toward industry sustainability, TCGR is sharing access to a PowerPoint Deck which extracts the important and salient findings from our recently completed techno-economic report entitled, Permanent Sequestration of CO2 in Industrial Wastes/Byproducts. This report was developed as one of three reports delivered in 2021 exclusively to members of our CO2CC Program.

The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) continues to provide forward-looking advice in its new multi-client and select-client reports along with those delivered for its membership programs.

A critical feature of the CO2CC Program is its members-only techno-economic reports, where topics are selected by ballot and where contents are shaped by members’ Table of Contents inputs.

This report documents the vital role to be played by permanent sequestration of CO2 through mineral carbonation (MC). MC is a process that involves the reaction of CO2 with alkaline compounds such as calcium and magnesium oxides and has the potential to sequester considerable amounts of CO2 with a capacity that can be scaled to match the amount of CO2 emissions released from several industries.

Figure 1 Estimates of the regional CO2 reduction potential using industrial alkaline waste (Pan et al., 2020)

TCGR’s report, Permanent Sequestration of CO2 in Industrial Wastes/Byproducts, investigates CCS and MC with unprecedented depth and detail. After a comprehensive introduction, the report discusses the fundamental principles of mineral carbonation starting from natural processes to engineering systems. The chapter also lays the foundation for all the different mineral carbonation techniques that readers will encounter in the following chapters.

This is followed by a deep dive discussion into the use of industrial wastes/byproducts as a viable and effective feedstock for the mineral carbonation process. Parameters affecting the carbonation process are rigorously examined to form the basis of the technical discussion that follows. The major chapter in the report includes detailed techno-economic analyses of numerous carbonation techniques that utilize a variety of industrial wastes in terms of their technical performance, economic feasibility, and life cycle. The report concludes with a presentation and discussion of the current and potential industrial application of CO2 sequestration using solid wastes.

By the direction of the member companies (through balloting and other interactive means) and operated by TCGR, the CO2CC Program delivers weekly monitoring communications via email (CO2CC Communiqués), three techno-economic reports (highly referenced and peer-reviewed), and scheduled meetings of members (either in-person or via webinar). Access to deliverables is exclusive to members.

In addition to the program deliverables, TCGR works with members to identify and foster competitive advantage and opportunity. This value-added relationship, along with active participation by the membership, leads to improved (or unique) external R&D and commercial investment possibilities.

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More information about this report and other services of the CO2CC Program can be seen at http://www.catalystgrp.com/php/tcgr_co2cc.php.

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