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Petrochemical Companies Form ‘Cracker of the Future’ Consortium

Six petrochemical companies based in Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands have announced a consortium to investigate how naphtha or gas steam crackers could be operated using renewable electricity instead of fossil fuels. The ‘Cracker of the Future’ consortium—which includes BASF, Borealis, BP, LyondellBasell, Sabic, and Total—aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions from production of base chemicals. The companies have agreed to invest in R&D and knowledge sharing as they assess the possibility of transitioning base chemical production to renewable electricity. Members of the consortium have started exploring and screening technical options. If a potential solution is identified, the parties will determine whether to pursue joint development projects, including R&D activities that could include a demonstrator for proof of concept in the case of base chemicals. Source: Chemical Week, 8/27/2019. TCGR Note: This is an interesting and somewhat exciting development! TCGR has already documented some of these important trends. For more information see TCGR’s multi-client study entitled “Advances in Syngas Production: Catalyst and Process Developments Update – 2018” and also its newly proposed “Power-To-X: Techno-economic, Commercial and Strategic Developments for Production of Energy Carrier Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Sustainable Fuels”.