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Special Offer: TCGR Report Selections

In recognition of their value to current R&D, commercial and competitive/strategic activities, TCGR is pleased to offer a limited selection of its industry-leading reports at discounted rates, based on coverage area, focus/depth (i.e., technical/R&D vs. commercial/strategic), and study age.

These selected reports, delineated below, cover the full breadth of catalyst applications (e.g., refining, petrochemicals, polymerization and environmental) and are derived from TCGR’s exclusive membership programs as well as its multi-client report series. We present below the reports that are now available, selected from our two membership programs, the Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) and the Carbon Dioxide Capture & Conversion (CO2CC) Program, as well as our multi-client study series.*

Such “themed” reports can be purchased at a discount individually or in groups of two, three or more with discounts on the 2nd (additional 25% off), 3rd (additional 50% off) and 4th+ reports as commensurate with the overall purchase (when made concurrently).

As an example, if you are interested in one (1) study from Group A and one (1) from Group B, your fee would be: $12,500 + $10,000 (@25% off = $7,500) =$20,000.

Per below, each study is linked to its page on our website where additional details, including complete TofCs, can be found. Appearing below the listing is a form where you can indicate your interests (via tick box) and click “submit” so it is delivered to us. For more information, contact TCGR’s John J. Murphy at John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com or +1.215.628.4447.

Group A at 30-40% off list price ($12,500/ea.):

Group B at 40-50% off list price ($10,000/ea.):

B3. The Asia Pacific Catalyst Industry: Markets, Technologies and Manufacturers
(multi-client, completed in September 2015)

B5. Catalytic Process R&D Scale-Up II
(CAP report, completed in 2017)

B4. Natural Gas Conversion vs. Syngas Routes: A Future of Convergence
(multi-client, completed in 2014)

– Vol. 1: Natural Gas to Intermediates and Feedstocks to Syngas;
– Vol. 2: Syngas and Natural Gas Conversion to Products

B6. Advances in Octane Enhancement
(CAP report, completed in 2017)

B11. CO2 Conversion Startups for Venture Capital (CO2CC Program report, completed in 2017)

B12. Progress Towards Cost-Effective and Sustainable H2 Production
(CO2CC Program report, completed in 2017)

B13. CO2 Utilization in Reforming
(CO2CC Program report, completed in 2017)

B14. Benchmarking CO2 Capture Technology (Vol. 3): Update on Selected Pre-/Oxy Combustion and Post-Combustion Capture Routes
(CO2CC Program report, completed in 2016)

B15. Integration of Renewable Energy in CO2 Capture and Conversion Processes
(CO2CC Program report, completed in 2016)

B16 System Perspectives/Net GHG Benefit of CO2 Conversion Technologies
(CO2CC Program report, completed in 2016)

Group C at >50% off list price ($7,500/ea.)

C3. The Catalytic Process Industries in China: Markets, Technologies & Strategic Implications – Update 2013 (multi-client, completed as a series of four segments in April- June 2013)

C5. Advances in Aromatics Production
(CAP report, completed in 2015)

C6. Advances in Methanol to Products
(CAP report, completed in 2015)

C7. Advances in Refinery Cracking
Catalysts and Processes II
(CAP report, completed in 2015)

C8. Dehydrogenation and Oxidative
Dehydrogenation II
(CAP report, completed in 2014)

C10. Advances in Catalyst Supports
(CAP report, completed in 2014)

C11. Catalytic Conversion of Syngas
to Chemical Products II
(CAP report, completed in 2013)

C12. Advances in Catalysis with Precious Metals
(CAP report, completed in 2013)

C14. Advances in C1 Chemistry (CAP report, completed in 2012)

C15. Going to Zero Sulfur II
(CAP report, completed in 2012)

C16. R&D Advances in Catalysis of Biochemicals
(CAP report, completed in 2012)

C18. Integrated CO2 Capture and Conversion from Flue Gases (CO2CC Program report, completed in 2015)

C26. Fundamental Limitations on CO2 Capture Processes (CO2CC Program report, completed in 2012)

C27. Analysis of Demand for Captured CO2 and Products from CO2 Conversion (CO2CC Program report, completed in 2012)

C28. Retrofit Suitability of Competing CO2 Capture Technologies (CO2CC Program report, completed in 2012)

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*Note that reports from TCGR’s membership programs are protected by membership agreements, restricting access for a period of three years from their production dates; as a result, only program reports older than three years are included in the listing below.