A global boutique consultancy, we serve our clients in two ways: via client directed projects (TCG Consulting) and via various programs and studies (TCG Resources).

Membership Programs

Two (2) unique programs!

Industrial Energy Transition and Decarbonization (IETD) Consortium
(formerly the CO2 Capture & Conversion (CO2CC) Program)

The IETD Consortium is member directed and monitors and analyzes technically and commercially viable progress towards industrial decarbonization and the energy transition, including but not limited to CO2 capture/utilization, blue/green hydrogen, alternative energy, power-to-x, bio/renewables, circularity, and energy efficiency gains to address GHG life-cycle/sustainability issues. Read more

Catalytic Advances Program (CAP)

The Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) is an information resource for research and development organizations in the chemical, polymer, and petroleum industries. Via their annual membership, companies that join CAP combine their resources to jointly explore the world’s most promising catalytic technologies.  Read more