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CO2 Conversion Startups for Venture Capital

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You are no doubt keeping an eye on the growing issue of greenhouse gases (GHG)/CO2 which has been gaining momentum recently, especially in light of commercially-viable CO2 utilization/conversion routes. Industry is well underway in its pursuits, and like-minded leaders internationally are achieving practical solutions that can be implemented in a cost effective manner—whether it’s via CO2-derived fuels, chemicals or products like cement. TCGR’s CO2Capture & Conversion (CO2CC) Program is playing an important role!

Specifically addressing CO2 utilization and funding for technical and commercial development, TCGR is undertaking a new report for its CO2CC Program members, entitled “CO2 Conversion Startups for Venture Capital.” Why is this so important?

At never before seen levels, increased attention is being given to the “global implementation of carbon utilization technologies.” In fact, on April 18, 2017, the Global CO2 Initiative conducted a webinar and Q&A session where its CEO, Dr. Issam Dairanieh, discussed a Global Roadmap that illustrates how carbon dioxide (CO2) can be transformed from a liability into an asset at significant market scale. This webinar covered markets, size, and growth. A key takeaway slide captures the following:

Potential CO2 Utilization and Annual Revenue

Source: Global Roadmap for Implementing CO2 Utilization: CO2 Sciences and The Global CO2 Initiative (2016)

Note, however, that the challenge (as always) is to come up with economical implementation projects. And NOWHERE in the above named Roadmap, or in any other place, is information on capital funding for carbon utilization technologies captured. Until now…

In determining the subject of its exclusive report, TGCR’s CO2CC Program members reviewed 8 potential report topics for 2017 and hand-selected three (3) , one of which is entitled, “CO2 Conversion Startups for Venture Capital” to lead the way. This indicates that where, how, and from whom to derive funding for carbon utilization technologies is of utmost importance.

TCGR’s report will dive deep into this very important, vital, heretofore undocumented area of venture start-up and funding sources; the scope can be seen in the Table.

No longer can companies afford to wait on the sidelines to see what others do and how they do it. Times are fast changing and to keep pace, or be ahead of the curve, investments must be secured to begin the processes needed to fuel the market, expand its size and grow it into the next decade.

Don’t be left behind! Align with leading industrial member-companies like ConocoPhillips, Dow, ExxonMobil, Reliance, Statoil and Total, among others, in the CO2 conversion space by joining the CO2CC Program today. This is the only way to get TCGR’s in-depth and unparalleled report, “CO2 Conversion Startups for Venture Capital.”

TCGR’s CO2CC Program is an industrial consortium dedicated to seeking, reporting and developing win-win economic solutions to CO2 capture and conversion focused on practical ways to generate both savings and lower costs to expand CO2 utilization options and enhance bottom line profitability! The program has been working hard since 2010 to identify solutions, with numerous resources already in place.

More information about this and other services of the CO2CC Program can be seen at http://www.catalystgrp.com/php/tcgr_co2cc.php. Call +1-215-628-4447
or e-mail John J. Murphy at John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com, and we’ll be happy to discuss these and other interesting membership benefits.

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