A global boutique consultancy, we serve our clients in two ways: via client directed projects (TCG Consulting) and via various programs and studies (TCG Resources).


Here at The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR), we have been working on some new product offerings leveraging information and value contained in our currently-delivered products. The objective is to ease the access to, and use of, the technical and market analyses.

We are pleased to include several of these as Webinars based on “Special Feature” articles appearing in The Catalyst Review. While full webinars are still in the planning stages, we have completed two mini-webinars to date. These are brief (~25 minute) excerpts of the articles with highlights of findings and useful insights. Our first mini-webinar video is below and offered at no cost!

“Bio-Chemicals 2015”

To help us improve our product, we’d like to ask for some brief feedback on the mini-webinar via a short 8-question survey. To take the survey, simply follow this link


Upon completion of the survey, you will receive via email a PDF of the complete Power Point Deck used in the webinar, and also the complete October 2015 issue of The Catalyst Review on which the webinar is based.