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Technical and Commercial Progress Towards Viable CO2 Storage

A techno-economic investigation commissioned by the members of the Carbon Dioxide Capture & Conversion (CO2CC) Program

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To meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement (limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5 ⁰C over pre-industrial levels), several decarbonization strategies are being considered. CCS is one such option. Although it has not been the most popular choice historically with concerns around cost, solvent toxicity and scalability, it is now seeing a greater focus. CCS is regarded as an enabling technology for producing “blue hydrogen” with a low carbon footprint, storing CO2 captured from the air (Direct Air Capture) as well as its more traditional application for decarbonizing large fossil fuel power generation plants and petroleum refineries.  

TCGR’s report, Technical and Commercial Progress Towards Viable CO2 Storage, considers the technical and commercial feasibility of CCS from three critical perspectives: regulatory, transportation and storage. It provides a timely synopsis of the major enabling factors that need to be progressed for CCS to move forward. It will be of considerable value to existing stakeholders and newcomers looking to understand the status of CCS and provides a view of what is needed to improve its prospects of becoming a significant method for reducing GHG via wide-scale deployment.

TCGR’s CO2CC Program is an industrial consortium dedicated to seeking, reporting and developing win-win economic solutions to CO2 capture and conversion focused on practical ways to improve “energy efficiency” which generate both savings and lower costs to enhance your bottom-line profitability! It has been working hard since 2010, with numerous resources already in place.

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See PPT Deck here (as PDF) | See Report TofC here (as PDF)

More information about this report and other services of the CO2CC Program can be seen at http://www.catalystgrp.com/php/tcgr_co2cc.php.

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