The Industrial Adsorbents Business
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The Industrial Adsorbents Business

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Commercial Strategy, Technical and R&D Assessment In Refining,
Chemicals/Syngas, Natural Gas and Industrial Gases

Industrial adsorbents are of growing importance, not only because product quality specifications are rising, but also because feedstocks in the petrochemicals industry are getting heavier. Increased environmental regulations, including the future need to control GHG gases, all reinforce this as a growth industry. Advanced and more energy efficient separations are key to improved future production cost economics, so there is a synergistic impetus to continuing the gains in adsorbent solutions, spurring R&D on new and improved materials, as well as process innovations.

An update on the process industries, including refining, chemical/syngas, natural gas and industrial gases industries is well overdue. While smaller studies are available covering individual alumina, activated carbons etc., none of these provide sufficient commercial focus and depth for the industrial practitioner. TCGR’s in-depth study reviews the commercial landscape of the industrial adsorbents business from 2012 to 2017. The study produced “by the industry, for the industry” is the first independent market application build-up analysis performed in last fifteen years.

TCGR’s study assesses the industry’s growth industry segments from a business development opportunity and technical R&D perspective(s) internationally. No other offering is available that contains this hands-on industrial experience. Among the critical findings are:

  • Adsorption and adsorbents will play an active role in environmental protection and sustainability going forward. CO2 capture cannot be ignored as the next potential very large application for adsorption and adsorbents, whether used for pre- or post-combustion CO2 capture.
  • Adsorbent vendors in China will produce consistent, high-quality adsorbents which will eventually supply much of the adsorbent requirement in China.
  • While the adsorbents industry remains highly fragmented, there is a growing and clear trend toward both internationalization and consolidation, but this still remains an opportunity which has yet to be fully implemented.

The major findings and conclusions reached in TCGR’s analysis will be an important tool(s) for industry executives in their decision making and strategy development for their industrial adsorbents business on a global basis.

TCGR’s unique background and historical development roots in adsorbents (ex Union Carbide) provides an unparalleled capability and skill level in this study area. Our deep understanding of materials science and process engineering means we have the ability to provide insights beyond other sources, who do not have the industrial experience TCGR and the Dialog Consulting™ network can provide.

Additional information on the study, including the final presentation, Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, and the Order Form can be downloaded below. For additional study details or to subscribe, please contact John J. Murphy at +1.215.628.4447 or


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