The “Intelligence Report 2012” – Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries 2011-2017
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The “Intelligence Report 2012” – Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries 2011-2017

The “Intelligence Report 2012
The Integral Role of Catalysis in Business Profitability and Corporate Strategy

Across its applications in the refining, petrochemical, polymerization and environmental industries, catalysis drives profitability and often defines the competitiveness of the catalyst supplier.   Capabilities in developing and optimizing catalytic processes distinguish leaders from laggards and, when part of an overall corporate strategy, can provide overwhelming advantages versus competitors.  Under the premise that technology development, differentiated market offerings, and forward-looking competencies in catalysis deliver value to customers, TCGR completed its 14th edition of our update, “The Intelligence ReportBusiness Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2011-2017.

Considered the industry “gold standard,” TCGR’s report goes beyond statistics and benchmarks to provide competitive insight and analysis vital to endusers in the refining, petrochemical/chemical, polymer, specialty/fine chemicals and environmental markets.  This edition, which we completed in May 2012, continues this tradition and builds upon it, as we have since the first bi-annual report was completed back in 1986!

In order to add value/perspective(s) beyond industry statistics and commentary, the 2012 edition includes a Special Feature section (Section VII; see TofC in PDF, downloadable below) which addresses the structure, competition and factors for success in the catalytic process industries beyond the information provided by other report sections (namely, Section III on industry market size/growth and Section IV on new catalyst products and processes). The section looks at technical/commercial value chains and market dynamics which depict the past and current competitive landscapes.  Based on TCGR’s unparalleled industry knowledge spanning nearly 30 years, we are uniquely qualified to make these assessments.  As usual, we have provided insights that are valuable enough to constitute, in effect, a report within a report.

On an industry segment basis, the Intelligence Report 2012 addresses key topics such as:

  • The refining industry’s pursuit of catalysts containing reduced or zero rare earth (RE) metal levels and their projected role among portfolio offerings relative to existing products
  • The importance of alternative sources of olefins, most notably propylene, via new approaches such as “Advanced Catalytic Olefins” (from KBR with SK Innovation),  improved FCC-derived propylene, and  methanol to olefins (MTO/MTP), among others
  • The gains in productivity and resin performance in polyolefin and elastomer production yielded by advanced Ziegler, Ziegler-Natta and single-site catalysts (SSCs), including external donors (EDs)
  • The fragmentation, and potential consolidation, in stationary emission control catalysts and the drive for reduced PGM content in mobile emissions catalysts (in autos as well as light and heavy duty vehicles)

As the “Intelligence Report” has done in the past, it provides new business and technology perspectives, including:

  • Comprehensive, concise and detailed industry statistics on adjusted catalyst volumes and values, including forecasts
  • Producer-and user-specific developments in production and technology, including alliances, ventures and acquisitions/divestitures
  • Identification of new growth opportunities across the value chain (raw materials, licensing, services, technology, etc.)
  • Assessment of geographical, technological and competitive gaps
  • Analysis and recommendations leading to specific actionable items

Gaining advantage via early opportunity identification as well as well-executed plans is essential in establishing profitable operations and insuring long-term success. Working with TCGR can assist in your efforts to yield any/all advantages!