SPECIALTY ZEOLITES IN CATALYSIS, 2019-2023: International, Commercial and Technical Progress
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SPECIALTY ZEOLITES IN CATALYSIS, 2019-2023: International, Commercial and Technical Progress


 Growth Prospects for Specialty Zeolites in Catalysis Are Highlighted by Environmental (Diesel Automotive),
Olefin Production and MTO Applications, with Chinese Advances in Manufacturing Securing New Markets!

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“SPECIALTY ZEOLITES IN CATALYSIS, 2019-2023: International, Commercial and Technical Progress”

This TCGR multi-client study was completed in December 2019. The study’s scope, and specific contents (as depicted in the TofC on pages 9-18 of the presentation), reflect the inputs from a group of “charter” subscribers who indicated their priorities for coverage, areas to be expanded/deepened and focal points for emphasis in opportunity identification. These are leading industrial developers, suppliers, and end-users of specialty zeolites in catalytic applications.

In its previous report on zeolites in catalyst applications (February 2014), The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) documented overall segment growth at a rate of 6-8% CAGR!  However, certain applications such as diesel automotive catalysts, methanol-to-olefins (MTO) and selective olefins manufacture were growing even more quickly. Equally important, specialty zeolites and specialty zeolite catalysts commanded both a premium price and higher margin (compared to mixed oxide heterogeneous catalysts) due their higher cost/performance, advancing both yield and selectivity in the applications that they serve. Therefore, applications R&D and expansion of specialty zeolites usage is expected to continue to be a high investment priority for both end users and catalyst companies.  It is clear – this market deserves immediate attention!

Figure 1
Schematic of Zeolite Development Strategy

There are several important industry trends that need deeper investigation affecting these businesses moving forward:

  • The explosive growth in Chinese zeolite production in the last five (5) years, with more being sold to Western catalyst producers yearly, generally at 10-15% below OECD manufacturing costs. What will be the longer-term ramifications? This requires some skill inside of China to unravel those insights involving labor, energy and raw materials costs.
  • It has long been discussed within the zeolite industry, about how to transition from largely batch manufacturing operations into semi-continuous/continuous operations, as is currently practiced for A, X and Y. TCGR plans to more closely examine these advances in this update. We are aware of some Chinese commercial advances in this subject.

Table 1
Specialty Zeolite Manufacturers in China

  • The typical synthesis in industry relies on batch wise hydrothermal methods, which usually takes tens of hours or even several days to complete. People have long believed that crystallization of zeolites is very slow, particularly to obtain the needed Si/Al ratios and crystal purities. Evidence is now beginning to emerge that crystallizations can be short, that in some cases SDAs are not needed and that smaller capacity but continuous manufacture is feasible.

It is well-known that while the commodity areas are more open, details within specialties are often shrouded in industrial secrecy (due to the nature and importance of this subject)!  TCGR is uniquely positioned, with the skill and knowledge required, to assemble this new 2019 benchmarking report (to complement its three earlier studies, with the first in 1992, a ten-year update in 2002 and the most recent in 2014).

A key need/justification for this study, and one that TCGR is uniquely capable of delivering, is a comprehensive technical, market and strategic/competitive assessment of specialty zeolites in catalysis with its effect on producers, supply chains, relationships and competitiveness in such a way that identifies opportunities and shapes future directions. This study series is a “by the industry, for the industry” assessment and a “must have” for future success in the catalytic process industries globally!

This multi-client study was completed in December 2019.

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Notice to Subscribers of TCGR’s 2014 edition of “Specialty Zeolites in Catalysis 2002-2020”:

 Due to the complementary nature of this study to TCGR’s previous report in this area, namely Specialty Zeolites in Catalysis 2002-2020 completed in February 2014,
TCGR is offering a discount of $1,000 off SPECIALTY ZEOLITES IN CATALYSIS, 2019-2023: International, Commercial and Technical Progress to subscribers of that
study. Subscribers are requested to contact John J. Murphy at +1.215.628.4447 or John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com if further details are required or to determine
if your organization is entitled. When completing the order form, please make sure to indicate your company’s subscription to the earlier report.


Additional information, including the complete study presentation, the actual Table of Contents and the Order Form, is available via the link below or by contacting John J. Murphy at +1.215.628.4447 or John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com.

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As it does in each of its industrially-focused multi-client studies, TCGR has sought input from “charter” subscribers (i.e., those who signed up prior to study launch on July 2, 2019) to help shape the report’s final scope/TofC by delineating areas of particular interest, as depicted in Sections III, IV, V and VI in the revised/expanded TofC.

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