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Advances in Electrocatalysis and Photocatalysis for Chemicals Production

A technical investigation commissioned by the members of the Catalytic Advances Program (CAP)

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For the environmentally-friendly synthesis of chemicals, sustainable development in the field of chemical production must be realized by using the technological solutions offered by a “green chemistry” approach. In this regard, the twelve principles of “green chemistry” highlight the importance of prevention in the field of chemical synthesis. This report presents the state of the art in the fields of electrocatalysis and photocatalysis with special attention on their level of industrial applicability.

The report presents the main achievements in the fields of electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, and photoelectrocatalysis for the synthesis of high value-added chemical compounds. Special care has been devoted not only to summarize the most recent results reported in literature, but also to report relevant previous achievements (ca. 700 references cited). The main reaction classes are presented separately with special attention on mechanistic insights and, when possible, to the industrial applications or at least to published patents. In this regard, only rare industrial applications of photocatalytic reactions are known while some electrocatalytic reactions have already found industrial realization. In the case of photocatalysis, starting from the actual scientific literature, perspectives and considerations on the main difficulties limiting the industrial applications have also been discussed.

Economic challenges, along with difficulties in the technological transfer from the laboratory scale to the industry scale, are the main reasons for the current gap between science and commercial production. The above-mentioned gap can be covered (1) by intensifying collaboration between research centers and industries, and (2) by developing, along with the basic research on novel reactions and related mechanisms, the multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches across chemistry and engineering.

The PPT Deck, as well as a PDF containing the complete TofC, List of Figures and Tables, are available for download below:

See PPT Deck here (as PDF) | See Report TofC here (as PDF)

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