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Analysis of CO2 Sources and Demand for CO2-Derived Products

A techno-economic investigation commissioned by the members of the Industrial Energy Transition and Decarbonization (IETD) Consortium
(formerly the CO2 Capture and Conversion (CO2CC) Program)


See PPT Deck here (as PDF)See Report of TofC here (as PDF)

  • Precise data on industrial COemissions and sources 
  • Quantification of the market potential for CO2 conversion
  • Identification of emerging CO2 demand sectors

The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) continues to provide forward-looking advice in its new multi-client and select-client reports along with those delivered for its membership programs.

Members of TCGR’s Industrial Energy Transition and Decarbonization (IETD) Consortium (formerly the CO2 Capture and Conversion (CO2CC) Program) understand that industry decarbonization is a critical topic in need of research and innovation. TCGR is sharing access to a PowerPoint Deck which extracts the important and salient findings from this recently completed techno-economic report entitled, Analysis of CO2 Sources and Demand for CO2-Derived Products.

TCGR’s report aims to cover the landscape for CO2 emissions available for capture, CO2 conversion technologies and the market for CO2 capture and utilization (CCU). The report offers a resource to gauge the extent to which CCU is meeting its potential and the key technological and commercial progress being made towards improving the outcomes.

CCU has been primarily driven by necessity where CO2 must be removed, for example, to meet pipeline specifications, and by cost. However, its use is now expanding to various industries such as cement, iron and steel, refineries, petrochemicals, and power generation where the driver is decarbonization as opposed to necessity. This report provides:

  • Examination on the total CO2 emitted from each sector
  • Insights on the key areas of scientific advancement in the CO2 utilization sector
  • Markets for CO2 based on announced projects which are operational, in construction or in the planning phase

This report was developed as one of the three reports to be delivered in 2023 exclusively to members of our IETD Consortium. A critical feature of the IETD Consortium is its members-only techno-economic reports, where topics are selected by ballot and where contents are shaped by members’ Table of Contents inputs.

Figure 1: Active CCS capacity by sector, 2022.
Source: Gordon, 2022

By the direction of the member companies (through balloting and other interactive means) and operated by TCGR, the IETD Consortium delivers two weekly monitoring communications via email, three techno-economic reports (highly referenced and peer reviewed) and scheduled meetings of members (either in-person or via webinar). Access to deliverables is exclusive to members.

In addition to the program deliverables, TCGR works with members to identify and foster competitive advantage and opportunity. This value-added relationship, along with active participation by the membership, leads to improved (or unique) external R&D and commercial investment possibilities.

Don’t be left behind! Align with leading industrial member-companies like BASF, Braskem, LyondellBasell, Saudi Aramco, Shell and TotalEnergies, among others in the industrial energy transition and decarbonization space by joining the IETD Consortium today. This is the only way to get TCGR’s in-depth and unparalleled report, Analysis of CO2 Sources and Demand for CO2-Derived Products.

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