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Circularity in Chemicals

A technical investigation commissioned by the members of the Catalytic Advances Program (CAP)

See PPT Deck here (as PDF) | See Report TofC here (as PDF)

As part of the general concept of circular economy, circularity in chemicals is a topic of increasing industrial relevance for the chemical industry and manufacture of catalysts, because catalysis plays a crucial role in the development of many new routes to enable circularity. While often limited to minimizing wastes by their reuse, the circularity concept and its impact is much larger and involves a system re-thinking. It entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and designing waste out of the system. In this sense, it has a major impact on chemical production, which is further empowered by the ongoing transition to renewable energy sources. It is thus necessary for chemical industries and catalysis manufacturers to have an in-depth understanding of the concepts.

Circulation volume potential, investment and energy needs by molecule loop.
(Source: Bernd E, Ulbrich M. Taking the European Chemical Industry into the Circular Economy, Accenture 2017.)

Circularity concepts and actions are also considered in close relation to innovation for the future of chemicals production with the advent of the circular economy likely leading to significant changes for the industry, along with fundamental challenges. Thus, it presents major opportunities for the chemical industry, but at the same time significant risks when the premise and consequences are not considered together with a clear vision for the future. This in-depth report introduces the main concepts on these topics, the opportunities and initiatives in this area, and the technologies and catalysts needed to implement the new routes and close the cycle. It covers the following areas in detail:

  • Recent Design of Industrial Catalytic Processes for a Circular Economy
  • Industrial Biotechnology and Its Role in Circularity
  • Circularity of Plastics
  • Opportunities for CO2 Circularity
  • Waste to Chemicals

The PPT Deck, as well as a PDF containing the complete TofC, List of Figures and Tables, are available for download below:

See PPT Deck here (as PDF) | See Report TofC here (as PDF)

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