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Aromatics Industry Reassessment

The aromatics industry is in a state of flux, turmoil and change!

China’s growth in aromatics is slowing, as are PET textiles, as producers lose market share to competitors in India, Vietnam and elsewhere. Its imports of 9-11 MIL mt/yr of PX will also slow. The technology and world-scale size of PET plants and associated integrated PX trains have grown, with more advanced cost reductions planned. Older producers with smaller plants will need to revamp or close. North America and Middle East capacity builds of PX, with advantaged feedstock costs, will challenge naphtha based aromatics plants in Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere.

Changing dynamics mean reassessment in business positioning!

In its proposed study entitled “Aromatics Industry: Business, Operations, Technology and Competitive Outlook 2015-2020,” TCGR will provide an objective assessment on the timing and investments required to remain competitively engaged in the global aromatics industry. Contents will include:

  • Reassessment of supply/demand globally by region for PET,  PX, BTX and major downstream derivatives. Views will be provided on the changes that integrated new world-scale plants will have on shifts in global import/export opportunities.
  • Evaluation of technology advances being implemented and those in the pipeline that will impact production costs 2015-2020, including techno-economics to prioritize changes in process design, catalysts and adsorbents.
  • Noteworthy operations and profitability improvements which can be prioritized to remain competitive.
  • Business strategies, barriers-to-entry and competitive assessments that will/can change positions.

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Additional information on the study proposal can be downloaded here:
PROP-Aromatics Industry Outlook 2015-2020