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COVID-19: Impacts on Business Models and Growth Strategies of Catalyst Producers and Integrated Process Licensors


Select-Client Study Proposal

COVID-19 Impacts Require Reassessment of Competitive Landscape in Catalyst Production
and Integrated Process Technology Licensing!

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“COVID-19: Impacts on Business Models and Growth Strategies of Catalyst Producers
and Integrated Process Licensors”

COVID-19 is having substantial short-term market impacts on oil, gas and other feedstocks, but the market-specific implications (e.g., on supply/demand, price, etc.) vary widely. Different impacts on fuels, intermediate chemicals and final products (e.g., plastics) are affecting catalyst suppliers and process licensors differently, based on three (3) critical factors: (1) the markets they serve; (2) the business models they follow; and (3) the growth strategies they employ, as follows:

  • A range of exposures due to markets where they have focused/concentrated, e.g., polymers vs. environmental vs. refining vs. petrochemicals
  • A spectrum of vulnerabilities/opportunities based on their demonstrated business models, e.g., (1) catalysts only; narrow/focused portfolio (e.g., Albemarle, Umicore); (2) catalysts only; broad portfolio (e.g., BASF, Clariant); and (3) integrated catalysts and process licensing (e.g., Johnson Matthey, Haldor Topsoe, Honeywell-UOP, Grace, Shell Catalyst & Technology, SINOPEC)
  • A variety of advantages/disadvantages as a result of their demonstrated growth strategies, e.g., (1) organic growth (e.g., Haldor Topsoe); (2) growth by acquisition (e.g., Johnson Matthey, Grace); and (3) restructuring via divestiture (e.g., Albemarle, BASF)

Due to all of the potential impacts and deep uncertainty from COVID-19 on the leading (Top 10 and next tier) global catalyst producers and integrated process technology licensors, it is important that the competitive landscape be immediately assessed so that implications can be highlighted and opportunities/threats quantified.  In addition, catalyst end users can consider integration into providers (e.g., in order to ensure security of supply) and venture capital and other financial institutions can re-assess investment returns.

In this proposed “select-client” study, to be completed in a “quick turnaround” period of 6-8 weeks from launch, TCGR will delineate the implications of COVID-19 with the objective of quantifying the impacts on business models and growth strategies for the 2020-2022 period (with a focus on Q2-Q4 of 2020). The study will address such topics as:

  • Which catalyst producers and/or integrated process technology licensors are concentrated in markets/segments hardest-hit by COVID-19?  Which competitors may remain relatively unscathed?
  • Which characteristics in model and strategy are most impacted and which companies are employing those models/strategies?
  • What early signals will the participants demonstrate in their model or strategy to reflect their position of strength/weakness or advantage/disadvantage?
  • How do pre-COVID-19 metrics of size, growth, profitability, and upstream/downstream integration affect participant’s next steps?
  • To what degree are recent or planned expenditures impacted and what are the implications on model/strategy going forward?

TCGR will use its exclusive catalyst/licensing industry model, its DIALOG GROUP® experts and its in-house experience from 35+ years in the industry to provide an insightful analysis “for the industry, by the industry.”  The study deliverable will be 30-40 PPT slides with a 1-hour client-specific conference call to review highlights and address questions.  Delivery is expected within 6-8 weeks of study launch.

All TCGR select-client studies are characterized by competitive and strategic insights for industrial and financial companies to evaluate. These include key impacts, concerns, and conclusions on the best return on investment (ROI) actions, competitive expectations, and strategic SWOT’s on the players. This proposed study is a “must have” for future success in industrial catalysis and process licensing globally!

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Additional information, including the complete study proposal, the preliminary Table of Contents and the Order Form,
is available via the link below or by contacting John J. Murphy at +1.215.628.4447 or jmurphy@catalystgrp.com.

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As it does in each of its industrially-focused select-client studies, TCGR will seek input from “charter” subscribers
(i.e., those who sign up prior to study launch) to help shape the report’s final scope/TofC by nominating specific study content
as well as delineating areas of particular interest for inclusion, as depicted in Sections III-V of the preliminary TofC.

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