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“Power-to-X: Techno-economic, Commercial and Strategic Developments for Production of Energy Carrier Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Sustainable Fuels”


Advances in Power-to-X Technologies for Hydrogen and “Energy Carrier”
Chemicals Highlight Opportunities Across Breadth of Product Slate!

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Power-to-X: Techno-economic, Commercial and Strategic Developments for
Production of Energy Carrier Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Sustainable Fuels

In this recently completed multi-client study, The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR) addresses the latest commercial and technological progress related to the use of Power-to-X (PtX) technology in the production of energy carrier chemicals (gaseous and liquid), petrochemicals and sustainable fuels. Much of this is encapsulated by the production of green hydrogen from water electrolysis and its downstream value chains but also includes such topics as ammonia cracking .  Whether you are a producer or consumer of hydrogen, syngas, methanol, natural gas, ammonia or Fischer-Tropsch hydrocarbons, or have access to excess renewable power, you will want to use this in-depth analysis to inform you of the latest in the state-of-the-art technologies as well as guide you for further investment opportunities. The study provides an understanding of the market drivers, challenges and opportunities for PtX, a detailed technology review of the green hydrogen value chain (e.g., H2, SNG, methanol, ammonia, etc.), techno-economic case studies of the world’s current flagship PtX projects and the resulting competitive and strategic implications.

Critical to the potential success of PtX is water-splitting.  A delineation of the strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches provides an indication of the role to be played via technology and techno-economic advancements with implications in the following:

  • Water Electrolysis
  • Green Hydrogen; Blue Hydrogen
  • Power-to-Gas
  • Syngas; CO
  • Power-to-Liquids
  • Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHCs)
  • Ammonia Cracking

 Figure: Power-to-X: Conversion of Renewable Power into Chemical Energy Carriers, Petrochemicals and Fuels
A report prepared for the World Energy Council, Germany”; p. 15

With an outlook covering the next 10 years (2020-2030), TCGR considers commercial and technological developments that will provide expert information for current business operation and future business planning. By focusing on emerging technologies, TCGR details how changes occurring now and expected in the future via the Power-to-X approach will impact the chemical energy carriers, green petrochemicals and sustainable fuels markets of tomorrow.  This report looks at the way in which hydrogen and its downstream value chain are being disrupted by the increased deployment of Power-to-X and elaborates on strategies being adopted in a wide range of current pilot and large demonstration projects.

Critical topics this study addresses include:

  • Factors enabling PtX deployment, including technology robustness
  • Markets for PtX by key product including gaseous and liquid energy carriers (e.g., hydrogen, methane, methanol, ammonia, etc.), petrochemicals and sustainable fuels
  • Comparison of Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) coupled with Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (SMR-CCUS) and Water Electrolysis for sustainable hydrogen production
  • PtX technology advances and drivers
  • Techno-economics of flagship PtX projects
  • Strategies and trajectory for PtX deployment

A key need/justification for this study, and one that TCGR is uniquely capable of delivering, is a comprehensive techno-economic assessment of the commercial implications of increased production of chemicals, fuels and energy storage through Power-to-X methods, and its effect on gas and fuels producers, catalyst producers and process technology licensors, integrated petrochemicals suppliers and utility companies in such a way that shapes their future plant enhancements. This study is a “by the industry, for the industry” assessment and a “must have” for future success in Power-to-X (PtX) globally!

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Additional information, including the study presentation, the actual Table of Contents and the Order Form, is available via the link below or by contacting John J. Murphy at +1.215.628.4447 or John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com.

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 As it does in each of its industrially-focused multi-client studies, TCGR sought input from “charter” subscribers (i.e., those who signed up prior to study launch) to help shape the report’s final scope/TofC by nominating specific study content as well as delineating areas of particular interest for inclusion, including case studies, as depicted in Sections V and VI in the preliminary TofC

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 The Catalyst Group Resources (TCGR), a member of The Catalyst Group, is dedicated to monitoring and analyzing technical and commercial developments in catalysis as they apply to the global refining, petrochemical, fine/specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer/elastomer and environmental industries.

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