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The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2021-2027


*19th Biennial Edition*
“The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2021-2027”

Leading-edge Analyses and Guidance for Opportunity Identification and Strategic Investment

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The Catalyst Group Resources’ (TCGR’s) 19th biennial edition of The Intelligence Report: Business Shifts in the Global Catalytic Process Industries, 2021-2027 is complete! As it has in the past, TCGR’s report provides competitive insight and analysis vital to:

The catalytic process industries and end user applications in 2022 (and beyond) will continue to be challenged by a number of factors which will combine to make the outlook uncertain, yet still promising, including supply chain disruptions, inflation for raw materials, expectations for ever-increasing performance, and heightened restrictions based on governmental regulations. The timing and speed of the overall recovery from the pandemic, by industry/application segment, will be uneven and untidy, with drivers such as concentrated ownership, differentiated technology positions and regional proximity to demand/application centers exacerbating the situation. Nonetheless, there remain opportunities for above-average growth, but focused and dedicated approaches will be required for success.  

Study Highlights

Market size/growth:

  • $34.5 BIL in 2021, growing 6.1% CAGR to $49.3 BIL in 2027
  • Additional $10-12 BIL in captive/toll manufacturing, process licensing and related services
  • Catalysis contributes to >$16 TRIL in end products

Key issues/topics:

  • Inflation, raw material cost and availability, energy prices, supply chain issues
  • COVID-19 situation will continue to have numerous implications short term
  • Circularity in chemical and polymer processes have come to the forefront
  • Technological advancement – including Industry 4.0 (IIoT) and productivity
  • Environmental regulations – significant spillover effect in transportation fuels

Take-aways from 2022 report:

  • In the short term, significant impacts result from supply chain disruptions, raw material and energy (cost of manufacture) inflation and end market variability.
  • Over the longer-term, fundamentals return to drive expectations for market volumes and values, reflecting underlying progress in technological advancement and market shifts.
  • Transportation segments (vehicles, off-road, ships) in transition, due to EVs, regulations and CO2/GHGs. Automotive segment demonstrates especially high growth due to recovery from the ’19-20 production trough and penetration of GPFs.
  • Plastics recycling of PS, PET and polyolefins (although in its infancy) is receiving substantial industry and government support due to drive towards circularity/sustainability.

A Snapshot of Our Analysis…

As The Intelligence Report has done in the past (and the “Exec Deck” slides do in coordination), the deliverables provide new business and technology perspectives, including:

  • Comprehensive, concise and detailed industry statistics on catalyst volumes and values, including forecasts
  • Producer- and user-specific developments in production and technology, including alliances, ventures and acquisitions/divestitures
  • Identification of new growth opportunities across the value chain (raw materials, licensing, services, technology, etc.)
  • Assessment of geographical, technological and competitive gaps
  • Analysis and recommendations leading to specific actionable items

In order to add value/perspective(s) beyond industry statistics and commentary, the 2022 edition includes a Special Feature section (Section VII) addressing homogeneous catalysis.  The section focuses on three (3) critical applications: (1) Fine Chemicals – Flavors & Fragrances; (2) Fine Chemicals – Agricultural Chemicals; and (3) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Included are: industry/market environment; technology landscape; manufacturers and capabilities; and competitive/strategic implications. Full of business development opportunities and profit generating recommendations as newly important directions and pursuits, TCGR’s 19th biennial edition of The Intelligence Report serves clients within, but also beyond, the traditional refining, petrochemical/chemicals, plastics, specialty chemicals, and environmental segments, to include alternative energy/feedstocks across applications – from fuels to energy storage and CO2/GHG mitigation. Participants will recognize TCGR’s biennial edition as a unique source of vision and clarity beyond the macro-views that limit other sources – subscribe today!

Further information on this study, including the full presentation, the Table of Contents and the Order Form contact John J. Murphy at +1.215.628.4447 or  John.J.Murphy@catalystgrp.com.

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