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Oil to Chemicals

Oil to Chemicals (OtC)

Crude-oil-to-chemicals (COTC) continues to be a powerful industry driver and strong macrotrend of high interest to all integrated refineries and chemicals producers in Asia/Pacific, China, the Middle East and Eastern Europe! This is reinforced by many factors, most notably the forecasts which predict a slowing of transportation fuels growth approaching 2040 (with hybrids and EVs), while the growth in chemicals is expected to increase as the population and middle class wealth continues to rise, leading to increasing demand for packaging, consumer goods and automobiles. This strategic shift increases refinery site margins, while at the same time increases integration and complexity.

TCGR has been investigating this project in depth over the last five years. We have completed two multi-client reports which compared technologies and laid out strategic directions for direct crude to chemicals conversion. Our newest report is a part of our Catalyst Advances Program (CAP) and takes a look at the advances being made in the lab to develop catalysts to convert more oil directly to olefins and aromatics. More information about these reports can be found below: