A global boutique consultancy, we serve our clients in two ways: via client directed projects (TCG Consulting) and via various programs and studies (TCG Resources).

Mergers & Acquisitions

TCG Consulting (TCGC) not only completes strategic screening for targets, using client specific criteria, within the catalyst, process licensing, chemical, specialty chemical and plastics industries on a global basis, we can also assist clients in the due diligences and valuation processes for final closings.

Typically, we work alongside a customer appointed banking/financial firm, usually tasked with completing customer and competitive product/technology benchmarking, used and integrated as part of the financial valuation model, to help compare and contrast future revenue streams, which in turn used to calculate the NPVs. This involves making sure the majority of customers future revenue streams are sound and the target is not losing market share, as well as ensuring new competitive technologies are not likely in the shorter term to substitute the current products/processes. We have a great strength in understanding the state-of-art in manufacturing technologies because we are constantly monitoring market and customer changes, as well as new startups in competitive intelligence (CI) programs like TCGR’s Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) see TCGR Membership Programs.