Catalytic Advances Program
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Catalytic Advances Program

The Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) is an information resource for research and development organizations in the chemical, polymer, and petroleum industries. ‘

Via their annual membership, companies that join CAP combine their resources to jointly explore the world’s most promising catalytic technologies. Every year, the program publishes three in-depth technical reports that are written by leading scientists and experienced industry professionals. These reports examine new process technologies and the very latest in technical developments with topics selected by the membership.

Depending on their membership choice, either Full Member or Associate Member, CAP members may receive all three or just two of these reports as well as the weekly information bulletin known as CAP

This bulletin, delivered via e-mail, provides the latest updates on technical breakthroughs, commercial advancements, noteworthy conference proceedings, and exclusive development opportunities.

Membership also includes attendance at a CAP Annual Meeting, with dates, location, and topics selected by the membership. It is an opportunity to see the latest work presented by leading scientists.

Download the Catalytic Advances Presentation.

For more information, including a “Membership Agreement” delineating the deliverables and how the membership works, please contact John J. Murphy, Program Director at John.J.Murphy AT or +1-215-628-4447.

Catalytic Conversion of Syngas to Chemical Products III

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Advances in Catalyst Modelling and Simulation

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Advances in Octane Enhancement

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Catalytic Process R&D Scale-Up II

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Catalytic Advances Program (CAP) Technical Reports Table of Contents

Advances in Catalyst Supports II
Circularity in Chemicals
Advances in Electrocatalysis and Photocatalysis for Chemicals Production

Advances in Catalyst Synthesis and Characterization
Advances in Catalyst Modeling and Simulation
Catalytic Conversion of Syngas to Chemical Products III 


Catalytic Process R&D Scale-Up II
Advances in Octane Enhancement
Advances in High-Throughput Screening Methodologies

Advances in On-Purpose Olefin Technology for Mono- and Di-Olefins
Advances in Olefin Co-monomer and Polyolefin Production
Recent Progress in Zeolitic Membranes for Gas Separations and Catalysis

Advances in Aromatics Production
Advances in Methanol to Products
Advances in Refinery Cracking Catalysts and Processes II

Dehydrogenation and Oxidative Dehydrogenation II
Advances in Olefin Purification via Catalysis and Sorbent Materials
Advances in Catalyst Supports

Catalytic Conversion of Syngas to Chemical Products II
Advances in Catalysis with Precious Metals
Advances in Catalysis for Oxidation Intermediates and Derivatives

Advances in C1 Chemistry
Going to Zero Sulfur II
R&D Advances in Catalysis of Biochemicals

Advances in Catalytic Reaction Engineering
Advances in Catalytic Production of Olefins
Advances in Refinery Cracking Catalysts and Processes

Understanding Nano Scale Catalytic Effects
Frontiers in Catalysis
Alternative Catalyst Manufacturing Methods

Advances in Catalyst Characterization and Synthesis