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Focus on Polyolefins

TCGR’s In-House Training Course: Focus on “Polyolefins”
Beyond the Basics” with Technical, Commercial/Strategic and Operational Guidance

In order to fully capture the breadth and depth of the polyolefins (POs) industry, a proposed outline for a multi-day training course on PE and/or PP must include the major topics of:

  • General Introduction and History
  • Industry PO (PE/PP) Overview
  • Raw Materials to Produce Polyolefins
  • PE Resins: LDPE, HDPE, Plastomers and Elastomers – Properties, Structure and Performance
  • PP Resins: iPP, Co-PP, S-PP  – Properties, Structure and Performance
  • Polymerization Catalysts for Polyethelene/Polypropylene
  • PE/PP Production and Competition
  • PE/PP Resins – Post reactor Processing
  • PE/PP Markets by Application
  • PE/PP Markets by Converter Type, Structure and Players
  • Plant Operations/Technical Services/Trouble Shooting Customers

The outline also depicts the granularity of coverage required in order to provide an understanding of, and appreciation for, the industry’s nuances, such as:

  • Key linkages between olefin source/supply and polyolefin grades.
  • Critical impact of catalyst/co-catalyst on resin properties, including co-monomer incorporation, MWD, LCB and MFR/MI.
  • Ability of specific resin grades to meet end-use requirements such as clarity, strength, ESCR, etc.

Additional information, including a description of the offering and a preliminary/proposed outline for the In-House Training Course on “The Polyolefin Industry” can be obtained by contacting Mark Wiley at +1.215.628.4447 or Mwiley@catalystgrp.com.